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No 4 of our booklet series »TRILOGOS Guidebooks« ENGLISH

CREATIVITY: The Power of Change

Author:  Linda Vera Roethlisberger




Verlag:  tredition

ISBN Hardcover:  978-3-347-32328-5
ISBN eBook: 978-3-347-32329-2

All volumes of this new series are similar in style. In the fourth volume, Linda Roethlisberger focuses on the core concept of Creativity, offering a concise but modern compilation of prose, quotes by herself and famous thinkers from the history of mankind, Trilogical exercises as well as many opportunities for reflecting on one’s own stance and position with regard to this topic.


This is the 4th booklet of our book series »TRILOGOS Guidebooks«.
The author gives us very interesting insights what crativity means and shows us ways how to find it inside of ourselves:

Creativity, an often used term: What does it have to do with me personally?

How do I act and react in difficult situations?

How do I deal with unexpected challenges?

This booklet offers some explanations and thoughts on these topics as well as exercises that might prove helpful.


Guidebook: A practice-oriented booklet empowering readers to become more active themselves. A workbook for all those seeking to work on pursuing their personal goals.
The booklet is available as Hardcover book but also as an eBook.

Published: Hardcover and eBook, 12,5 x 19cm , 88 pages. Layout and Illustrations by amberpress/Berlin


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